About & Submissions

goodbaad is an on-and-off poetry journal started by Anthony AW. goodbaad will publish at least one poem per month.

submission window:

  • we will begin our reading period september 2020
  • we will read from the 1st of the month until the 7th for the following month


  • poems of 150 words or less
  • up to 3 poems per submission packet
  • visual poems or poems with weird forms please send as .jpeg or .png
  • simultaneous submissions OK, but let us know
  • please be sure that your poems aren’t subversive in the bad way (ie sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, ageist)

where to send and what to include, etc.:

  • goodbaadpoetry@gmail.com
  • a very short, concise bio (2-3 sentences, try to limit your achievements/publications to 2-3).
  • please send me your text in a google doc or in a .rtf (i don’t have microsoft office)

how to address your submission:

  • To Anthony AW,…


goodbaad holds first serial rights for work that we publish, and the right to reprint that work in other formats with your permission, including (but not limited to) online, eReaders, archival anthologies, etc. Upon publication all rights revert to the author. We ask that contributors please cite goodbaad should their poems be published elsewhere in the future.


  • after hearing a response, please wait 30 days to submit again
  • this is a love project of mine, and it’s something that i do in my spare time. please bear with me if i do not communicate often, and definitely feel free to share your work elsewhere
  • most responses will be templated. please don’t take personally. i appreciate you for sharing your work with the world.